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    Portal Problems



      Portal Problems



           I am having trouble creating a portal that will display multiple records based on a Filter. 
           The portal only seems to display the first 3 records from a related table that fit the Filter Conditions and i can figure out why. as the picture show my PK and FK are the same and the Condition "ITPMasterList::PutOnITP = "Yes" is meet but the record will still not appear in the portal.



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               Does sequence number 3 display in the portal when the filter condition is removed?

               Also- maybe check to be sure that this is not a refreshing issue by creating a button that runs a simple one line script the with the script step: refresh window.  Make sure to check "Flush cached join results."http://www.filemaker.com/help/11/fmp/html/scripts_ref2.37.9.html

               If by chance this is your problem and you'll be deploying on a wan, you'll want to be sure to google/research the methods for updating filtered portals without using the 'flush cached join results' which can have a negative impact on network performance.

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                 PutonITP is formatted as a check box. I suggest inspecting the value in this field for this record by using a copy of the field formatted as an edit box after clicking into that edit box. It's possible that this field has Yes on one row and some other value on a second row of text in the same field. In which case, it will not pass the filter specified and will be omitted from the portal.