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    Portal Problems



      Portal Problems


      I'm trying to create a portal on a parent table but it doesn't populate with the child records.  The screen shot from the relationships graph is below.  I want to put a portal on the commentary detail layout so that all cases which are referenced in a commentary source appear in a portal.  I have created a join table between cases and commentary detail called cases considered which includes, amongst other things a foreign key field for cases and a foreign key field for commentary detail.  After not being able to populate the portal I created an additional table occurrence for the commentary detail table (called commentary detail 3 in the graph) hoping that would fix the problem but it hasn't.

      In the portal setup I am showing related records from "Commentary Detail 3" and the fields in the portal are the cases foreign key field and the commentary detail foreign key.  I suspect there is a problem with the relationship but I can't see where the problem lies.

      Any help would be much appreciated!





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          From your description, it should work. A few checks:

          Make sure the portal is based on "Commentary Detail 3" and not any other instance

          Make sure the fields in the portal are from "Commentary Detail 3" or "Case Considered" tables

          Check the index is on on all foreign and primary keys.

          Manually check that there are records to display

          Make sure the layout displaying portal is based on "Case" table.

          Try to add portal based on "Case Considered" and check if there are any records.





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            On your "commentary detail  layout". Enter Layout Mode and open Layout Setup. What is selected in "Show Records From"?

            If it shows "Commentary Detail", that's your problem. In order for your portal to Cases Considered to work on that layout,  Cases Considered would need to link to Commentary Detail, not Commentary Detail 3. Either that or you select Commentary Detail 3 in the  Show Records From drop down--but that will require you to update all Commentary Detail fields on the layout to refer to Commentary Detail 3 instead of Commentary Detail so that is unlikely to be the simplest fix.

            You may find this tutorial on table occurrences helpful: Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences?

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              Thanks so much for the advice, the only way I could get it to work was to change the Show Records from to Commentary Detail 3 and update the fields on the layout to refer to Commentary Details 3 rather than Commentary Detail.  Now I have another problem that I can't seem to fix or find an answer to.

              The purpose of the portal is to display the names of all cases that were considered in the commentary piece.  In the case considered table I am using a pop up list from the cases table to display the casesfkid and the case name and a popup list to display the commentary detail fkid and the full citation.  The records in the portal are showing the casefkid number but not the case name.  Its the case name and not the casefkid number that I need to display.  I've tried changing the value list in the case considered table so that only the case name is displayed but that doesn't make any difference to the portal the casefkid number still appears.

              I can't thank you enough for the advice you've given me.  You've saved countless hours of searching and frustration!


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                the only way I could get it to work was to change the Show Records from to Commentary Detail 3

                What kept the alternative from working for you? Doing it this way was a lot more work and may create additional problems to resolve.

                You have two options for your problem. You can change the field format from drop down list to pop up menu. Pop up menus display the field 2 value after you exit the field if the value list is set up to hide the first field as you describe. Or you can add the name field from case to your portal row as a separate field. This field can even be placed on top of the drop down list field if you use Behavior options in the Inspector to prevent browse mode access to the field.

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                  I'm not sure why it didn't work, It was a bit more work, but I didn't have many fields and it helped to make sense a bit better (to me) of how the relationships work.  I still have the problem with the portal though, that is the number appearing and not the name.  For some reason I can't get the field on the portal to populate if I add the case name.  I've put some screen shots below, I changed the drop down to a pop up menu which shows the case name on the cases considered, but it still translates to a number on the portal.

                  I am very new to this so its very possible that I'm missing the obvious!

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                    /files/b0270ebc37/C.PNG 665x196
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                      It doesn't look like you have a portal here. Either that, your you have a differently formatted portal and your screen shot only shows one row of that portal.

                      Are you using a pop up menu format for a field inside the portal row?

                      What options did you select for your value list? Did you click the check box named "show only values from second field"?

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                        The screen shot only shows one row of the portal.  The only information that I want in there is the full case name so there is only one field in the portal.  The field in the portal is the "Cases Considered" field from the Cases Considered table and it is an edit box.  The field on the Cases Considered table is a pop up menu with the show only values from second field.

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                          Yes, but it is the _CaseslIDfk field that you place inside the portal row that should be formatted as a pop up menu.

                          or, you place a field such as "CaseName" from Case next to or even on top of the above field if you choose to use the drop down list format. (If you put CaseName on top of the id field, use behavior settings in the inspector to remove Browse mode access.)

                          The value list for _CasesIDfk should be a "use values from field" value list where the first field selected is __CasesIDpk and the second field is CaseName. The check box to only show values from the second field should also be selected.

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                            Oh, I see.  Sorry about my slow uptake and thanks for your patience!  I think I have a relationship problem between Cases and Cases Considered then.  The way it works is that any single case entity may be considered by many case considered entities.  So the caseidfk field in the case considered table is a value list of all the caseidpk values from the case table.  The case considered field (the one that I want to appear in the portal) is also a value list of all the caseidpk values from the case table.  I've been thinking that maybe I need to make a new table occurrence of the case table and relate that to the case considered table using caseidpk=caseconsidered. 

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                              Yep, that was the problem.  I've added a new table occurrence of the cases table and linked it by caseidpk and caseconsidered (which I've now turned into a fk field) and I was able to add the case name to the portal!  Thanks so much for your help.

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                                Sorry but your data model already shows the correct set up. No such change should have been needed and I do not see a reason for including CaseConsidered as a link in the relationship.

                                Cases Considered is set up as a Join table. There should not be a record in this table unless the case it links to by case ID is already a Case to be considered by being linked to a commentary detail record. IF the case should not be linked, the Join table record should be deleted.