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    Portal Progress



      Portal Progress


           Good evening,

           I finally got my portal started, with a list of album names. The album name (and the corresponding artist name) are in a completely different format than the others. Kind of baffling. Any ideas on how to correct this? Thanks.


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               Are you copy and pasting data from another file or application?

               It looks like the text formatting found in the source from which you copied data is being pasted into the field along with the text that you want.

               If that's the case, You can use TextFormatRemove with Replace field contents to strip out this formatting from your existing records.

               You can then define an auto-enter calculation:

               TextFormatRemove ( self )

               with the "do not replace existing value" check box cleared and future pastes of formatted text will have that formatting automatically stripped out.

               It's also possible to use FileMaker's formatting tool bar to format text inside a field in the database and this can also produce what you show here.

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                 Thanks, Phil (for this and all of your previous help.) I reformatted the text in question. Funny that it was the only one out of order. I'm sure it was a result of copy/paste, as I was doing a LOT of that when I started.

                 Next challenge is a drop down menu on this layout to navigate the artists. Is this a 'go to related record' thing, or is there another approach?

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                   It can be a go to related record or it can be s scripted find. For examples of scripted finds, see: Scripted Find Examples