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Portal question

Question asked by deliciousapple on Sep 7, 2009
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Portal question


I have connected two “Client” table occurrences together by “FullName” field and used “X”.  


This enables me to see a list of all clients on my detail form view.  (see photo @ http://galleryDOTmeDOTcom/genehouse#100107)  I use a text object on portal rows to gttr, in the same form view layout


When I do a find in my client table I would like the records listed in the portal to only show those records as well.  Right now it just shows all records, all the time.




Also I would like to highlight the active row, I know how to do this in a normal portal, one thats comes from another table, but I cant get it to work in this scenario. 


Oh geez, one last question, the portal always scrolls back to the top after I choose a record with my text object button that is on the portal rows.  Anyway to stop this.


Sorry for the less than optimal explanation, I am a novice at this stuff.