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Portal Question

Question asked by rowing190 on Aug 4, 2010
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Portal Question


I have a question regarding the export of the contents of a portal. At least I think that is my question, perhaps there is another solution.

Each contact in our contact database has at least one title code abbreviaton designating their function - CEO, Art Director, etc.  Since many contacts have multiple titles, there is a second table entitled title code table. The title code table is comprised of the contact id and the title code (and is related to the first table through the contact id field). Finally, a third table is the title group table. This table is comprised of the title code and a title group (and is related to the second table through the title code field) Instead of querying the database with multiple title codes, the title group allows us to query similarly related titles - all marketing related titles, for example - which all have the same group code assigned to them.

Here is my question. I have employed a portal in the contact database to display all of the title groups of an individual contact. That is fine. The difficulty is that the display is vertical rather than horizontal. When the contact record is exported into Excel, all of the fields are exported into the same row in Excel except for the portal field - which is exported vertically into fields below the main row of fields for that contact. Is there a way for the portal field to be exported horizontally rather than vertically? Or do I need to create a new calculation field in order to do this?

Thanks so much for any help that you can offer.