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Portal Question

Question asked by BatuhanGizer on Dec 14, 2011
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Portal Question


Hi everyone,

This might be a complex question for me but I just wanted to know if it is possible.  I just created a database named PROJECT which has a unique ID for each project but before I did this, I created another database named INVENTORY LIST.  In INVENTORY LIST, there is also a unique ID for each inventory.  There is a third database which is named PAYMENTPLAN, which tracks invoices for each inventory item.  Since our inventory names change according to the project, I set the Inventory_ID myself as AYA.A1, AYA.A2, AYA.A3 ... AYA.H12.  

Now I just created a PROJECT database which wil be like a summary for each project which will include information from multiple databases.  Since every project has to have an ID like AYA, MER, TOR etc., they have to be user defined.  For example, inventories AYA.A1, AYA.A2, AYA.A3 ... AYA.H12 are the end products for the project AYA.  Now, for example, I will change the project ID to serial numbers, like 101 and say that the inventory items will have to change to 101.A1, 101.A2 ... 101.H12 manually since .A1,.A2 has to put in manually. 

Is there way to setup a portal from PAYMENTPLAN to PROJECTS database, which will show all the 101.'s such as;

Project ID: 101

Payment Plan (tab)

Inventory ID

101.A1       <Field from PAYMENTPLAN>

101.A2       <Field from PAYMENTPLAN>



101.H12       <Field from PAYMENTPLAN>