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    Portal question



      Portal question



           I consider myself a newbie and this is my first attempt at using a portal.

           Initially I had one of the fields in the portal defined as a Drop Down List with an Edit Box placed on top of it to show the second field in my Values list.

           This worked as expected but only for the first row in the portal.

           Subsequent rows show the ID, which is the first field in the Values list, and not the second field which is what I want to display.

           This method has worked on other layouts when the field in question is not within a portal.

           When I changed the field to a Popup Menu and removed the edit box the issue disappeared.

           My question…

           Is this the way FM behaves or is the second approach the one to use?

           The portal’s appearance when using a Drop Down for the location field

      ID      Location                      Number

           3       Home                            (123) 456-7890

           5       8                                    (123) 789-1234

           9       2                                    (123) 555-1245 x 3456

                The portal’s appearance when using a Popup Menu for the location field

      ID      Location                      Number

           3       Home                            (123) 456-7890

           5       Cell                                (123) 789-1234

           9       Work                             (123) 555-1245 x 3456


           Thanks for your insight.

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               You need a relationship from your portal's table to the table of values from which your value list get's its values instead of from the layout's table. Then the name field shield trick works in your portal the way you want it.

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                 Below is the relationship’s diagram.

                 I'm not sure what I need to do as you have suggested.

                 I thinking the Portals table is the Phones table, the Values table is the Phone locations and the Layouts table is Master.

                 Could you please be more specific?






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                   In Layout Setup... Do you see "Master" selected in "Show Records From"?

                   In Portal setup (and in the lower left corner when in layout mode), do you see "Phones" in "Show Related Records From"?

                   If so, you can set up a value list of values listing Phone Locations::Phone LocationID_pk as the value in your Primary Field and Phone Location from the same table occurrence as your secondary field. You can then add Phone Locations::Phone_Location as the "shield" field on top of your drop down field and it will work to hide the Id number and display the Phone Location instead.

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                     All the steps you have suggested are exactly what I had done.

                     When I click the drop down list the Values list displays as expected but the “shield” only covers the first row’s ID.

                     Referring to my original post rows 2 & 3 respectively contain 8 & 2 and not Cell & Work which are the values for of the respective IDs.

                     I would like I could email you my database as it is only a simple test for me to familarize myself with portals.






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                       The only thing that I can think of is that your "shield" field is not fully inside the portal row. Otherwise, it will cover the field in every portal row.

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                         Well that was the problem.

                         To me it certainly appeared as though the “shield” field was fully enclosed within the portal.

                         Earlier I had increased the size of font in the portal's fields and then increased the height of the portal itself, but apparently not enough.

                         Your insight is much appreciated.