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Portal question

Question asked by SteveBlair on Mar 20, 2013
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Portal question


     Hi, I'm developing a database for submissions to our film festival. I have a Films table, which gives each record an ID number and contains details about the films.

     We have a group of 9 people who will be watching films and meeting regularly to discuss their thoughts on each of the films. I've created a table called Committee that contains an ID number and Name. I also have a table called Ratings, which contains Film ID, Committee ID, and Rating.

     What I'd like to have is ALL committee names listed in the Films layout along with radio options for each of their ratings (numbers 1-5). I've tried several different ways of relating the tables and creating portals, but none are giving me what I want. I have managed to create a portal to display the corresponding Ratings records, grabbing the person's name from Committee, however I want a list of all Committee names, whether they've rated that film or not.

     Any help would be much appreciated