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    portal question - I think!



      portal question - I think!


      I'm brand new to Filemaker - using Pro 10.


      I have two tables: if_tables and if_rules. if_rules is related to the parent if_tables by a field called tag_name. I've created a layout using if_tables and added a portal that pulls in the if_rules where tag_name is same in both.


      There are many fields in if_rules so I want to have only 1 if_rule record displayed at a time. I used Layout to position the fields in columns etc.


      The portal has a vertical scroll bar.


      Here's the problem: I can use the next/previous buttons in the main toolbar to select records from if_tables. When I get to a tag_name in if_tables that has >1 if_rules with a matching tag_name I can use the mouse wheel to scroll up and down the list.


      However, if I click the up/down arrows on the vertical scroll bar on the portal, a duplicate record of the parent if_table is made for every click!


      Help! ... please :) 

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             This is not normal behavior. Are you sure that you dont have a script trigger running?
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            I've looked everywhere I can find for triggers but I'm pretty sure that none are active. I certainly haven't added any.


            Well, what do you know ... I just re-checked the portal box and a few fields and the Browse was ticked in the Script/Triggers menu. Even though no scripts were configured - just enabling them within Browse mode seems to do something. I've unchecked the Browse enabler in the Script/Trigger menu and I can now, at least, browse without creating duplicate parent records!!


            This now shows up another issue - which I'll re-post as a new thread.


            Thanks for the heads-up on the script/trigger - even though none were configured to do anything!