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    Portal Question on fields



      Portal Question on fields




           i will like to ask someine help, im building a database for a bakery and i will like to include a portal to add or removed rows in this case will be to add or removed cake layers, but i have a question is it possible to set up a portal and input the cake ( Porduct) amd let me choose froma drop down menu the flavor or folling for each cake, and i dont know if is possible to make a Cake(product) table that will allow you to choose froma drop down menu




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               This should be possible, but such order specific details would not be recorded in the products table in a typical invoicing system:


               To log the order of a cake, you'd create a record in the portal to LineItems where you specify the productID for a cake or a general type of cake. Then you'd use other fields in LineItems to specify additional details specific to this one particular cake that has been ordered.

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                 Phil again thanks for taking time to answer the questions.

                 And i will like to make the same details as the starter solution Invoices template, but in the product area a try to change and delete fields to change for the one that i need, and i dont see to make it to work, my problem is the cake its that i made a product list with thiese fields

                 Product ID

                 Product (Cake)



                 buut each cake can have a filling and an icing, design and color, i dont know if the product table will create a record for a cake that is white 6" with raspberry and another for pinneapple and etc. this is what i dont understand for the portal use or do you have another rexcommendation to be able to create an invoice for this specific use with out the use of a portal

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                   To repeat, the product table would only provide a general description of the cake. How general is up to you to decide in order to meet the needs of your business--a business that I know almost nothing about. I don't even know if "cakes" are the only thing you produce or if it is one of many different items that might be ordered from your business.

                   Presumably, the type of icing and other details would be specified in the LineItems table, not the Products table so that the details thus specified are specific to a particular order.

                   The number of servings, however, sound like something that is controlled by the size of the backing pan/dish used to produce that cake. You might possibly have a different product record for each typical size cake you can produce.

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                     Phil, when do you mean to lineitem is that a table or just a field

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                       That would be a table. My illustration showed three tables with two relationships:


                       Invoices::__pkInvoiceID = LineItems::_fkInvoiceID
                       Products::__pkProductID = LineITems::_fkProductID

                       You'd set up a portal to LineItems on the Invoices layout and you'd use the _fkProductID field to select a product via a value list of Product ID's and names. Other fields in LIneItems might be used to describe additional details about the ordered line item.

                       For an explanation of the notation that I am using, see the first post of: Common Forum Relationship and Field Notations Explained

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                         Phil, this is a picture of what im doing, I do not know how to write and script si I present you two options that I did in the body are the line items and below I input other fields that will display the same info from the cake order, the only problem is if I have a cake that is 1 layer only it still going to show all the information for the seven layers in blank, I do not know how to write an script to inly show fields with info


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                           her is the relationship, I do not know if is better to erase the product table

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                             There is no portal to Order Details shown on your layout. You'll need that in order to select products to list on the order form.

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                               sorry for the time, I was in jury duty for a couple of days and I got pick, im still have a hard time to set up the portal I don't understand very well, I will set up the portal on the order and it will get the details from the orders details(invoice) or else I don't know if is possible to eliminate the product table and just create a invoice table from the orders and the orders table it only has value list to pick from.

                               can you send me and example of the options that you have

                               this is the template that I need to be an invoice so each field has value list, is this ok or can be made thru a portal

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                                 There is still no portal on your layout. and your layout is very, very different from what you would do with a portal. All of the fields in rows at the bottom of your layout should not exist. A portal would replace them. It looks like you are trying to add a web viewer instead of a portal.

                                 A portal is a specific object that you add to your layout by using the Portal tool in the status area tool bar.

                            1.           Enter layout mode
                            3.           Click the portal tool
                            5.           draw a rectangle on your layout
                            7.           Select Orders Details from Show Related Records From.
                            9.           Then select the portal features you want such as whether or not you want a scroll bar.
                            11.           Click OK
                            13.           Select the fields you want in your portal
                            15.           Click OK

                                 It looks like you need to invest some time in learning more about FileMaker, relational databases and portals. If you have any training materials on FileMaker, look up "portals" in them. You can also look up "Portal" in FileMaker help.

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                                   the web viewer intheres is for the map, as we have to make deliveries, but is you see below that they are some fields or many that said tier 1 tier2 etc..


                                   those are the ones that I need to make as a portal? and like I said, I was able to make the portal but when is asking me about the fields that I need, (here is were im confused) were is going to be the fields of the flavor, color, filling, icing, these fields are not under the Product table and will not be related to the portal

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                                     To repeat from an earlier post: I do not know how you need to operate your business. What you need to do with this information to support the operation of your business is what will determine how your database should be designed.

                                     A portal is usually used to list the "details" that are needed to provide a combined result linked to the parent record--a record from the table on which your layout is based.

                                     What I see in that last image are multiple rows of fields for each "Tier" of a cake. Those multiple rows seem made to order for a portal. If each cake produced is a unique one of a kind product customized to the requirements of each customer, then your products in your products table might not be entire cakes, but rather the various components that contribute to the total price charged to the customer.  The records in the portal can list both standard items looked up from a products table and one of a kind details unique to the particular cake.


                                          the web viewer intheres is for the map, as we have to make deliveries,

                                     But the address for that map should not be in the ordersDetails table that I have recommended that you set up for your portal. I would think that the address for that would be from fields in the customer table not OrdersDetails.