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    portal question..



      portal question..


      Hi Everyone

      Can you help with a question relating to portals?

      I have 4 databases - 3 databases relate to different areas of a business. In each file we have one field for notes.  All 3 files have a common field 'Apt_Ref_Code'

      The 4th Database is really a business overview which allows a user to choose a record and see all the notes related to that record from the other 3 databases.

      I am able to do this as 3 seperate portals showing related data without a problem but is there anyway of doing this under just a single portal ?

      Hope that makes sence.

      Thanks in advance


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          Not without pulling all the notes into a single table. This can be done with scripts that import the data, but it's problemantic to implement.

          If all 3 tables (databases in your post) all linked to the same Notes table, you'd have your unified notes file for your overview's portal to display wihout having to combine them in one table after the fact. There are several slightly different approaches you can use to label the notes by the parent table from which they were originally created so that you only see notes for a record in table 1 when you are on a layout for table 1, and only notes for a Table 2 record when you use the Table 2 layout and so on--yet with all such notes having the correct apt_Ref_Code so that you overview portal brings up all of them.