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Portal Questions

Question asked by BryanSantos on Sep 22, 2013
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Portal Questions


     Guys, I'm having trouble coming up with a solution.

     Here's my scenario:

     - I am trying to create a simple restaurant POS app

     - In the order screen: order table fields are displayed

     - There is a portal that contains the order line items


     - What I want to happen is to have two sections (one is where I can select the food items and set quantity, so this is just a menu..) (two is upon adding an item, i want to have a portal that displays all the current food ordered)


     is this possible?because in the usual invoice, invoice line items are added IN the portal row. i want to have a separate section where to add (so i can show pictures of the food). i just want the order details portal to display everything thats been ordered