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portal record comitting

Question asked by MarkGores on Dec 8, 2014
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portal record comitting


I have several forms built that use portals for the technicians to enter test date.  The table structure is set up so that there is one Data table with numerous Form tables (one for each type of test).  The issue I am having is that if a technician begins a test an leaves his computer without exiting the portal the computer can go to sleep and lose it's connection to the server.  This loses all of the data he had entered into that portal, which is a pretty serious loss of info for us if he can't remember all of the numbers he entered.

Is there a way to get a portal record to commit on each entry?  I've tried several variations of "on modify" or "on exit" script triggers and anything that commits the record removes the focus from the fields and the user has to click in a field to get back to where they were.