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Portal record control

Question asked by fluffyone on Jan 23, 2010
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Portal record control


Hi Group


How is the data in a portal with related records from another database sorted by certain criteria? I can get the relations working OK but I am unsure of how to specify the criteria or where to put the criteria calculations for the listed data required, which will enable me to use just the bits I want.


I can get a portal to bring up related data, but I am looking into how to control this data. I.e.


listing data based on a radio button option within the records, e.g. only listing records that have a yes in a check box within the records.

I want to do different things but one of them is to group records in a portal that have a yes in a record and then email, fax or print out a separate form for each group based on a company name.


Any help will be appreciated.