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    Portal record control



      Portal record control


      Hi Group


      How is the data in a portal with related records from another database sorted by certain criteria? I can get the relations working OK but I am unsure of how to specify the criteria or where to put the criteria calculations for the listed data required, which will enable me to use just the bits I want.


      I can get a portal to bring up related data, but I am looking into how to control this data. I.e.


      listing data based on a radio button option within the records, e.g. only listing records that have a yes in a check box within the records.

      I want to do different things but one of them is to group records in a portal that have a yes in a record and then email, fax or print out a separate form for each group based on a company name.


      Any help will be appreciated.





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          Try doing a search for "filtered portals". That is the way that the portal data can be controlled via your relationship. Keep in mind that a portal is basically a window into your related data as per your relationship.


          Also and print out, pdfs, etc that you are talking about that are shown in the portal should be printed out from a layout based on a TO of the underlying child table.

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            Thanks mr Vodka


            "a portal is basically a window into your related data as per your relationship."


            This has made me really think about what is happening, I was trying to get the portal to do things, where as I should be working on related tables, I have now got my head around it and am getting some good results.


            Thanks Fluffy

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              I am now getting on well with portals, can anyone point me in the right direction on sending the grouped data via emails, or printing to a computer linked fax machine:


              I have got my data in a portal and there are various records in there, I want to now send this data out to the different companies in the record list. I have got the email working and I am able to get the various fields listed on the email with added text that I require, but it is 1 record only. I need to list all the records for a particular company based on a related field and then send an email or fax for each company.


              Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to do this? Do I use a portal to collate and send this data?