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Portal record display

Question asked by MichaelPoling on Jan 30, 2014
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Portal record display


     Hi everyone!

     I'm trying to organize the display of the portals I am using and need a bit of help.

     I have several tables, storing patient data.  I have linked them with several ID fields. Each patient has an ID (PatientID), and each patient may attend for any number of injuries or may attend several times over a period of years (EpisodeID) and each episode will likely have several visits (VisitID).  The relationship display is attached below.  This works pretty well, but here is where I need a little help.

     I have a layout for the therapist that is based on a tab control for easy of navigation.  The tabs are Demographics, Subjective History, Objective Assessment and Progress notes (there will be others later for reports, etc.)

     The demographics tab doesn't require multiple instances as any patient demographics need to be current, and we don't care able previous info.  Not so for the other tabs, however.  So in the Subjective History, I created a portal, so I have multiple instances (i.e.. I can take a history from the patient, then if he injures another area or comes back 2 years later, take a different one).  Each portal record increases the EpisodeID by 1., when I go to enter my physical testing of the patient in the Objective Assessment tab (which is currently not a portal, but I am guessing I have to change it to one), I have no way of selecting what EpisodeID this assessment is stored under, nor any way of bringing up an old one to chart on (I know when I turn this into a portal, it will display all of them, but I need to be able to ensure the EpisodeID being used in the Objective Assessment is the same as the Subjective History, without relying on the therapist to do anything-needs to be automated.

     Add to that, the fact that in the Progress Notes tab, I need the progress notes ONLY from a specific EpisodeID, not every progress note.

     I tried a button that could be clicked on the Subjective History Tab that would set the EpisodeID within the portal record to that displayed in the portal record edit box, but it did not work.

     I am thinking the Progress notes issue could be solved by filtering records in the portal by EpisodeID, but still have no way to change that EpisodeID and am note sure if I should, given that the EpisodeID links all of the other data.  Do I need another field that could be adjusted or can I just do it with a control?

     Am a bit confused, so hope I am making sense here.