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Portal record field not displayed, how do I add to calculation

Question asked by Capt-Tuttle on Mar 23, 2010
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Portal record field not displayed, how do I add to calculation




Windows NT

FileMaker Pro 10



I am trying out a couple of different table formats to create a table or tables that record our test data


Currently I am trying a format where the test data results are stored in 1 table and all our test procedures and expected results are stored in another.


Table #1           DUT    “Device Under Test”

            Part number

            Serial Number

            Test Procedure







Table #2           TestProcedures

            Test Procedure

            Test Step


            Expected Results          “Text Comments”





The two tables are related by Test Procedure


On a layout, using the DUT table, I have two portals from the TestProcedures table interspaced with fields from the current open record.



Portal1----------------------------                              Portal 2-------------

::Test Step        ::Instructions     :TD4                ::Expected Results         :TD5

                                                        :TD6                                                           :TD7

                                                        :TD8                                                           :TD9



So the portal is set up to display test steps, in order, from only the related test procedure




1.1       Test 5 Volt       TD4     5Vdc +/- 0.5V             TD5

1.2       Test 10 Volt     TD6     10Vdc +/- 0.5V           TD7

1.3       Test 15 Volt     TD8     15Vdc +/- 0.5V           TD9


So Far so good:

What I want to do next with a script & calculation is set the Pass or Fail status in a field based on the data entry. Example the user enters the number 5 into TD4. I would like to compare it to the MinValue and MaxValue for that test procedure record and set TD5 to PASS or FAIL. What I am not sure how to do is access the MinValue and MaxValue from the portal record when it is not displayed.




Added 3-23-10


Probably not the right way to do it but it works for now

I modified the 2nd Portal to include the MinValue and MaxValue fields.

In the layout I reduced their width to minium and hid them in my layout

Now when the user enters data in a TDx field and activates the script :

Get table name

Get active field name

get active field value

go to next field " Expected Results

go to next field "MinValue"

Get active field value

go to next field "MaxValue"

Get active field value


some caculations and my results look like


1.1       Test 5 Volt       5.4     5Vdc +/- 0.5V             PASS

1.2       Test 10 Volt     10.6  10Vdc +/- 0.5V           FAIL


Would still like to know what a better way is if anyone would like to comment.