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Portal record updated via "get current date"

Question asked by JohnPink on Jul 1, 2013
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Portal record updated via "get current date"



     I have a database which has a portal in the top right corner... And in that portal it has just one date entry (today) which works fine when you open and close the database on the ipad but if you leave it open on the ipad as i often do and just go onto it the next day, the portal record has not updated and is stuck on the day since you last opened and closed it....

     I was wondering if anyone could help me fix this..? I dont mind if it does not do it completley automatically, like you have to click on the portal, and it is setup as a button and it then auto updates.. 

     I have attached a pic of how it works. It uses the portal filter function to filter the portal by getting current date.

     Hope someone can help


     John Pink