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    Portal records



      Portal records


      hi friends,

      i have a problem with portal records.

      i have a table called "customers" and a layout called "search_customers" and a field called "Seachname"

      i have a field with relationship with the field "name" in the  table "CustomersDB".

      i need the the field "Seachname"  search automatically throught a portal the name.

      for example if a enter roger in my field in my portal appears all the rogers.

      can i do this.

      help me pleaswe

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          This method only works with FileMaker 11:

          Change your relationship for the portal to:

          Customers::anyField x PortalOccurrence::anyfield  (I'm using POrtalOccurrence as I don't know the name you've used here.)

          This matches any record in Customers to all records in PortalOccurrence

          Now add a portal filter to your portal:

          IsEmpty ( Customers::SearchName ) or Customers::SearchName = left ( PortalOccurrence::Name ; length ( customers::SearchName ) )

          Use the OnObjectModify trigger on Customers::SearchName to run this script:

          Commit Records
          Refresh Window [Flush Cached join results]

          This script forces the portal to update with each character entered/changed in the searchname field.

          Here's a demo file that uses this method (lower left portal) as well as demonstrates a slightly different method for partial text matching in a portal (lower right portal): http://www.4shared.com/file/plr_jbkk/EnhancedValueSelection.html

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            very good but have any solution without refresh windows my windows appers ...