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portal records disappear

Question asked by eibcga on Jun 28, 2010
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portal records disappear


I have the following tables and relationships (irrelevant fields are not mentioned to save time):



pk_name_id link to JOURNAL::fk_name_id




pk_trans_id link to LEDGER::fk_trans_id

fk_name_id link to NAMES::pk_name_id






fk_acct_id link to ACCOUNTS::pk_acct_id

fk_trans_id link to JOURNAL::pk_trans_id







pk_acct_id link to LEDGER::fk_acct_id




Link to ERD:


I have 'Allow creation of records in this table via this relationship' for both the LEDGER and JOURNAL table.  Primary keys of all tables are auto-enter serials on commit (not on creation).


In Form View in the JOURNAL table of transactions, I have a portal to show related records from the child table, LEDGER of transaction line items.  When I click the Go To Next Records arrows in the toolbar, the records of transactions and related records of transaction line items in the portal show as they should.  The problem starts when I create new records in the portal.


I add a new transaction record by adding a new record in the JOURNAL table in Form View, and fill in the necessary fields.  I then go into the first line of the portal to create new related records of transaction items and fill in the necessary fields.


After I have finished entering all fields and records in the portal for the transaction (usually no more than two records of transaction line items for any given transaction) in the portal and click outside the field to commit the related records in the portal, the new related records I created in the portal disappear and the portal is blank (which previously showed two new records BEFORE I committed them).  Why did they disappear?


I believe the new records that were in the portal AFTER I committed them are disappearing because the transaction line items did not save the related transaction ID number.  Without this transaction number, the 'related' records in the portal after creating them do not know which Transaction they are related to and thus, disappear.


When I look in Table View of each of the JOURNAL and LEDGER tables, I see the new transaction and transaction line item records I created when I was in Form View as mentioned above.  The new JOURNAL record shows the new Transaction ID and the fields I filled in earlier (while in Form View).  The new LEDGER records show the new Transaction Line Item ID and other fields I filled in earlier while in Form View, but the JOURNAL::pk_trans_id related field in the LEDGER table shows as blank.  This is consistent with what I saw in Form View.


I can't figure out why the new LEDGER records of transaction line items will not save the related Transaction ID.


Any ideas?  I hope I painted a good enough picture.



A beginner in FMP11 on Mac OS 10.6.4.