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    Portal Records in to merge fields



      Portal Records in to merge fields


      Hi, i created portal table on my layout and it enable to create records on another table. i used that function for Phone numbers. after the registration i want to export contact report from contact management system to pdf report. And i want to show up contact numbers using " merge field " on that report.  i dont want to show portal view on that report and all the details should view on merge field, i try to did but it always get the 1st record on portal field, it does not get the rest of records. any idea ?? thanks in advance Snapshots : http://www.desiupload.com/show.php/509971_Untitled.png.html http://www.desiupload.com/show.php/509972_2.png.html

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          You can get the result you want without using merge fields.

          1. Create a layout based on your phone number portal.
          2. Place the fields from your related parent record in the header part of this layout, put the phone number fields in the body.
          3. Now perform a find to find all the phone number records for one contack--sort it if you want, and you've got the results you want.
          4. If you want to list multiple contacts on one report this way, modify your layout--changing the header into a sub summary part "when sorted by" contact ID. Make sure your sort your records by contact ID to group them correctly and to make the sub summary part visible.
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            Hi Phil Thanks For replying . I tried that method, i got the list of phone numbers, and its according to customer ID, one more question , How can i embed that in to this report http://hotfile.com/dl/73749595/56f4ff9/Untitled.pdf.html this is complete report http://hotfile.com/dl/73750003/7a6ca80/2.pdf.html and this is my new test layout
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              Had to jump through a few more hoops and wait a lot longer for that PDF than you do from most filesharing sites....

              That does add a complication that I wish I'd known about from the start. That gives you two portals to two different related tables and makes my original suggestion less than optimal. I'd base the report layout on the second portal's table and keep the phone numbers in a portal. I don't see any advantage to using merge text.

              It can be done using a calculation field in the Phone numbers table to combine all the fields in the portal row and a calculation field in the parent table that uses list to list the calculation field you've just defined in the portal table. I just don''t see where that gains you anything.