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Portal refresh datas

Question asked by kvalley_1 on Feb 7, 2009


Portal refresh datas




Normally, if you enter a value into one of the fields of the blank record at the bottom of a portal showing a related TO that is enabled for record creation, the record is created and updated when you go to the next field available on the portal row. However, in some portals I occasionally come across the behaviour where the record is not created and updated until I exit the portal (ie: click outside the portal). If I click into another field of the same portal row to add other information to the record I end up with _two_ records when the portal is exited. 

As I said, some portals exhibit this behaviour while others don't, and for the life of me I can't figure out what I need to do to correct this behaviour. Searching the archives gave me one response referring to committing records, which is what I assume is happening when I click out of the portal. But having to click outside the portal to commit the record (or put a "Commit" button on the portal row) is a step I'd rather not force my users to take.  


i know there is the same problem in fmp7 but it was solved by the v3 update.


So, is anybody now why ? and most of that is anybody now how can i solve it ?