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Portal refreshes/interaction problem

Question asked by ahcho on May 4, 2012
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Portal refreshes/interaction problem



I have an interaction issue with a layout that has three portals (See the attached pic). I don't think its an issue with the relationships between the three portals since data travels through the portals as they should. Here is the interaction problem.

Step 1 - Enter layout, select the entry "Really Good Olive Oil". The middle portal refreshes with the entry "White Vinegar".

Step 2 - Selecting another entry on the portal on the left side, say "Yellow Oil", will bring up recommendations that are unique to "Yellow Oil".

Step 3- If I wanted to add to the recommendation list, I would goto the right portal and click "add". 

Step 4 - If I wanted to delete a recommendation, I would push the "x" button.

Now here's the oddity. If I delete everything in the recommenation list and then select a new entry on the left portal, the center portal doesn't update. The center portal updates when:

1. I add a value from the right portal. 

2. I click outside the portals. 

The portals do sit on tabs, (if that makes any difference). Selecting from the left portal and the "x" button both have scripts that run the "Refresh Window" command.

Is there a way to change this interaction so that I don't have to click outside the portal to refresh the center portal after deleting everything in it?