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Portal Relationship Issue

Question asked by dansan500 on Dec 10, 2012
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Portal Relationship Issue




The Portal Relation is (Storeroom Trans_OE_Part#CC) the relationship is between 2 tables:

     Storeroom < Inventory  table

     Trans_OE   < Line item table from the sales order

The Top portal is filtered by:

     Storeroom Trans_OE_Part#CC::RMK# = "2012744" and Storeroom Trans_OE_Part#CC::OH_QTY Part_CC display >0

The Bottom portal is filtered by:

     Storeroom Trans_OE_Part#CC::RMK#  ≠  "2012744" and Storeroom Trans_OE_Part#CC::OH_QTY Part_CC display >0

     The top portal filter is looking at a specific RMK#  and the On-Hand QTY has to be > 0

See Fig 1

     The Bottom portal is looking at all other RMK# and the On-Hand QTY is >0


The Issue Button:

     For example, in the first portal, If I enter 2 in the QTY to ISSUE field and press the ISSUE button, this is the result I want to see:

     All the information in this portal row to load plus the OE Number from the sales order in the Trans_OE table (Issued to) in two tables : Storeroom Issued and Product Demand

Storeroom Issued Table

See Fig 2

Product Demand Table


See Fig 3

This is the script behind the ISSUE button

     It works once, but then covers up the last entry

See Fig 4



     I think my problem may be here:

     Storeroom Issued: PD to Order TransOE_Part#CC

     I’m looking at a relationship between The Part# and the Condition Code, but I can’t figure out how to relate it to the Portal Row..


     I hope you can help me, I have tried many different ways but have failed at every one