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Portal Relationship Problem How To Remove Repeated Values

Question asked by scottlynch on May 24, 2015
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Portal Relationship Problem How To Remove Repeated Values


I’m trying to adapt a personell starter solution and I’ve run into an issue with filtering a portal relationship that i can’t seem to work through. I have attached a picture which probably describes my issue better than i can explain it.

In the Time Off Portal I enter the employee leave data as shown in the picture. Originally I was using FilterValue calculations and summary fields to give me the individual counts of each leave type. This worked well, but I was having to create one record for every single day of leave. 

So I created a field (cEndMinusStart) that counts the days between the start and end date which also works. 

The problem I’m now having is filtering the leave type counts as can be seen in the second  picture to remove the duplicates or repeated occurrences.

How do i filter the relationship to show only one value of each leave type i.e. holiday, sick etc. I’ve being working on this for sometime and from what ive read, it seems I need a table occurrence or self join of the Time Off table, which i've setup. 

But I’m struggling with the logic and obviously doing something wrong. Any help or push in the right direction would be very much appreciated.

I have managed to calculate the days total for each leave type value by creating a Qty calculation field, Qty = Sum ( Time Off 2::cEndMinusStart )

Many thanks.