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Portal relationship problem?

Question asked by AnitaWoods on Jun 23, 2013
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Portal relationship problem?


I have a Pregnancy table, and an Accounting table, related Pregnancy::PregnancyID = Accounting2::PregnancyID.  The original Accounting table is related Contacts::ContactID=Accounting::ContactID.  A Contact can have multiple Pregnancy records, and each Pregnancy can have multiple Accounting records.  

I have a layout based on Pregnancy with an Accounting portal, but it shows all accounting records for that Contact, not just the ones related to that PregnancyID.  I tried basing it on Accounting2 and it shows two of only the Contact's first accounting record, but not related to that Pregnancy.  I've tried filtering it Pregnancy::PregnancyID = Accounting::PregnancyID as well as =Accounting2::PregnancyID.  Help?