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    Portal row "Autofill"?



      Portal row "Autofill"?


      When working with portals, certain fields tend to "auto fill" the next row. Typically fields from related tables.  Is it possible to stop this from happening?

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          That would depend on your layout design and your relationships--both details that are missing from your first post.

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            My layout is based on my Products table (The product ID originates there and is carried through to the Product/Quality2 Table)

            The portal shows records from the Product/Quality table which is related to the FE Table, because Product/Quality records must be FE specific.

            Quality Spec Records are Product specific and Quality Test Result Records are FE specific. 

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              I can't tell which table occurrence refers to "quality spec records" as there is no occurrence of that name.

              But looking at your arrows, I would guess that in your portal to Product_Quality, you have added fields from one or more of the following:

              GMP01, or Product_Quality 2.

              Even though you have placed fields from one or more of these into your portal row, the relationships evaluate from the context of the current record in Products, not a specific record in Product_Quality. This produces two specific results:

              The values in this field appear even in the "add" row of the portal (If "allow creation..." was enabled) and you see the same data in this field for every row in the portal.

              So if you want to see data specifically related to a record in Product_Quality--the TO on which you have based your portal, you'll need to use a different relationship that links to Product_Quality instead of Products and select fields from TO's in that relationship chain.