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    Portal Row Count



      Portal Row Count


      Hi ,

      May be this is a basic thing but i wasted lot of time on it. I have a self joined portal. I need to count the total no. of portals rows in a record. I tried using summary field which gives the total count. But summary fields are not accessible in find mode so no luck. I need to find records which contain more than one portal rows and its good if the total number shows in field outside portal.



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          As long as this is an unfiltered portal, the number of portal rows and the number of related records are the same. Then you can define a calculation field in the parent table that counts your related records to give you the total number of portal rows:

          Count ( portalTable::FIeldThatisNeverEmpty )

          Since the match field used in the portal relationship cannot be empty or the record wouldn't appear in the portal, this method usually "counts" the portal's match field.

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            Thanks again phil.. you are the best tutorial!.... thumbs up!