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    Portal Row Delete



      Portal Row Delete


      I currently have a layout with fields from table 1 with a portal to table 2 showing 2 fields.


      Relationship built between the two tables with an ID number.


      I put a button in the portal and it seems to be repeating correctly now I just need to figure out a way to make it work.


      I would like the user to be able to delete a single row from the portal.  I found an example on the FM website but its for 3.0 and doesnt seem to work.


      Thanks for the help!



      FM Pro 10

      OS X 10.6.2

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          Howdy ChrisB,


          Make sure that the button is ENTIRELY within the portal row (no overlaps allowed) and through "Button Setup" have the button do "Delete Portal Row".



          Think through allowing users to delete portal rows...perhaps make the button perform a script that does "delete portal row" and use Accounts and Privileges to limit who can do this.  Delete is a one way trip (aside from backups of course) and an errant click can trash some pretty important info.


          I allow my most experienced users to delete (portal rows or other) while the standard technicians may not.  Even the most experienced folks click errantly on occasion...think it through carefully and make the best coice for your application.


          hope this helps...

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               WOW that was way too easy! Thank you!
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                 You can also add steps to your delete portal row script that highlights the row to be deleted and uses a custom dialog to confirm that the user really wants to delete the row. This can greatly cut down on accidental row deletions.
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                   Thanks for the additional ideas!