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    portal row delete line item



      portal row delete line item


      I have a solution I wrote prior to FM14 and now I have upgraded to FM14 and the Script I used to delete a portal row (Record in the portal table) deletes the parent record on the main layout instead of the line in the portal. I have a button on the portal row attached to a script with this line in it "Delete Record/Request [No dialog]" this all worked fine in FM13, Is there another way in FM14

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          There is also "delete portal row", but when I test FMP 14 with a portal and delete record from a button in the portal row, it correctly deletes the correct portal record I cannot reproduce what you are reporting here.

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            Thank you, I have changed the script to "delete portal row" and it works fine again now.

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              Yet delete record should also work... It does for me. But if all you changed was delete portal row in the script, this should be documented in an Issue Report over in Report an Issue. It would help to share your actual script if you file that report:

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