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    Portal row display



      Portal row display


      Using FMP 8.5 on Mac OS 10.5.8 - advancing newbie..

      I have a portal on my invoices layout to a lineitems table, 'can add', 4 rows, no probs, but, one of the fields in the lineitems table is set as a radio button - to either set that particular line item to a discount price or not. thing is, this radio button, with its two values - Yes No - appears on a blank line - is there a way to suppress that until the user enters data into a edit box field on a blank row....?



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          The reason you see the radio buttons on the bottom blank portal line is because the radio buttons are an empty field, waiting for data to be entered, in the same way that the edit boxes are empty fields, also waiting for data to be entered.

          As far as I know, there's no native way to "suppress" the radio buttons from appearing, because to do so would defeat the function of the portal itself. The Line attribute of a radio button can't be conditionally formatted, either.

          An alternative would be to use a drop-down menu instead of radio buttons, so that at least the whole line would appear blank when there is no data in any of the fields.