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    portal row displays different font



      portal row displays different font


           I've pretty carefully looked at the fields displayed in my portal, and can't discern any reason two of several hundred rows display in a different font from the others.  In the layouts based on the table the portal is based on, the records display as the others do.  Any ideas about why this might be happening, and how to fix it?

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               There are two ways that you can specify formatting for text in a field:

               1) you can enter layout mode, select the field, then select the font, style, color settings desired. These settings are applied to this field for all records in your field, provided that 2) below does not occur...

               2) You can select the text in a field and use the formatting bar to format the text or you can paste formatted text from your clipboard into the field. This formatting only applies to the data in a single record. This formatting supercedes any formatting specified in 1) above.

               I would guess that you can fix this issue by:

               Selecting the data in the field and using th formatting tool bar to format it to match the rest of your portal rows.

               Go to a layout based on the portal's table, Show All Records, and click in the field and use the "by calculation" option in Replace Field Contents with the TextStyleRemove function to strip out all text formatting for data in this field for all records in your table.

               You can prevent this from happening in the future if you set up the field with this auto-enter calculation:

               TextFormatRemove ( self )

               and clear the "do not replace exiting value..." checkbox.

               If you have an existing auto-enter calculation, you can put that calculation inside the TextFormatRemove function call:

               TextFormatRemove ( Existing calculation goes here )

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                 You may have conditional formatting setup on the field.