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    Portal Row export



      Portal Row export


      Question regarding wonderful portals. I am exporting content to a legacy system. The export works perfectly for the first row of a portal but I don't know how to export portal row content after the first row. Go to Portal Row works for the script I have in the DB but modifying the script using portal row next etc, etc., does not change the content of the text export. The script I am using runs without issue regarding the first row but I don't know the drill to modify the script to export portal row 2-last to text. Any help on this would be terrific . TIA

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          How is the legacy system structured? Is it a flat file system where you have one record with some of the data repeated in each record as opposed to your current system that splits it into two related tables?

          If so, export the data from a layout based on the portal's table, but use your portal relationship to refer to any data you need to export that is stored in the parent table.