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    Portal row not staying point of focus



      Portal row not staying point of focus


      I have a find layout which will ask for data for a field based on a list.  Once selected, I have a portal which lists all those records meeting the find data.  It seems to work out just fine except that even though I have the script "Go to Portal Row [Select; First], that first portal row does not always remain the focus in the layout.  I cannot figure out why.  When I run the script debugger, the focus goes to the first row when told.  Here is my script once the find is completed:


      Go to Object  [ObjectName: "NamePortalSearch"]

      Go to Portal Row [Select; First]

      Exit script 

      Once the portal is populated, how do I get the top row to be the focus?


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          In layout mode, when you click on the portal (not a field or other object in the portal) do you see NamePortalSeach appear in the name box of the Inspector's position tab?

          What user and/or script actions take place before the go to object step?

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             In layout mode, the name of the portal in the position tab has been named NamePortalSearch so that should work fine in my Go to Object step.

            The full script is:

            If [Name::kfTempName =/ ""]   **note that =/ denotes a not equal sign here**

            Enter Find Mode

            Set Field [Name::LastName;"==" & Name::kfTempName]

            Set error capture [On]

            Perform Find []

            Go to Object  [ObjectName: "NamePortalSearch"]

            Go to Portal Row [Select; First]

            Exit script


            In the script debugger, I see the first row of the portal get highlighted but that record does not remain the active record when the script ends.

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              Doh...  I figured out the error in my portal and layout.  My portal was for the table "Name2" in my layout for the table "Name".  I merely needed to add after the Go To portal [Select; First] script line a Go To Related RFecord [From Table "Name2"; Using Layout <current layout>].  Now it works as desired.