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    Portal row number ...



      Portal row number ...


           I'm trying to show portal row portal row numbers on the top left hand side of each portal row and I can't seem to figure out how to make it work properly.  Is that something that's possible?

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               No field or variable is needed to show the row number.

               Enter layout mode

               Select the text tool and click the approximate location where you want the row number

               Then pull down the Insert menu and select the option for the record number symbol

               Now adjust the final position of this text to place it where you want it.

               In later versions of FileMaker the text produced by this may have to overlap other fields in the portal row. This will not matter in browse mode. Just make sure that the Portal "owns" this added layout text by moving the portal a few pixels and confirming that this layout text moves with it.

               With these later versions, you can resize the text inside the brackets to be a very small font size and it won't affect the size shown when you enter Browse mode so this can be a way to reduce the text inserted to a smaller and easier to manage size.

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                 Thank you!