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    Portal Row performance



      Portal Row performance


      I can use both table linkages to create portal rows.

      One linkage 1, I have AlwaysTrue on parent table and child table.  And I filter child rows by portal row filtering.  It works perfect and I can have different filter options, including multiple IDs on the portal rows.

      On linkage 2, I linked two tables together by ID.  It works perfect also.  And I cannot filter ID while I still have other filtering capability.

      My question: if the filtering criteria are same on both linkage and both are works, which one has better performance?


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          I could be wrong here, but since 2 potentially matches to a much smaller number of records, there likely will be a much smaller set of records to "filter" which may create a noticeable difference if you have a large number of records in the portal's data source table. I haven't run any test or experiments so could be wrong here.

          You can also use:

          Cu_Main::anyfield X CU_invLine4DKUSearch

          as your first relationship. The X operator is a "match all values operator" that can be used in place of fields like AlwaysTrue.