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Portal Row pop-up

Question asked by DomMolloy_1 on Apr 26, 2011
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Portal Row pop-up


I have a portal that show the most commonly used data in a table. Think of it as a table of tasks. Sometime the tasks are recurring and I'd like to capture the recurrence data by adding a pop-up that is activated by a button on each portal row. I need help getting this to work. The problem is that if I hit the button on row 3 and launch the pop up the data that is updated in the pop-up seems to always be the first record in the portal even if I use the goto portal command. Before launching the pop-up. Ideas? I've tried a bunch of things and it seems to me that even if I to get to third record in portal (at least make it at the active row) a change to a field on that portal row done within a script it does not work. Is this just a limitation or am I just going after this ass backward.