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    Portal Row select highlight wont hold



      Portal Row select highlight wont hold


           I am using Filemaker Pro 12 Advanced v3.

           I have created a portal on a table to use as the select row for a detail view of a different instance of the same table.

           I have created a rectangle overaly over the row and added fill colours for hover and pressed.  

           I want to the selected portal row to stay with the pressed colour to show it is the selected row for the corresponding detail.

           For some reason unknown to me I can not find how to effect the selected portal row colour.   Data is fine and the selection works, its just the visual.  

           After searching help and FAQ,s I am frustrated at what I am sure is simple, just can find it


           Please help



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               hey mike, it is quite easy to do.  it involves using conditional formatting on the button you have created.  to acces this on a mac you control-click on the button and select "conditional formatting".  there you want to add a conditional format using "formula is" and then enter an appropriate calculation such that when it evaluates true, the formatting options you select will be applied.  typically the calculation would be something like "when the id/serial number of the portal row = the id/serial number of the active record for the layout".  as far as how to format it, i know of at least 2 variations.  one method would simply be to apply a highlight (color fill) to what is otherwise transparent or some other color.  the second method is what you would use if you want the highlighted row to have a gradient instead of a simple fill.  since there is not currently an option to have a gradient as a conditional format as far as i know, you would make a rectangle and fill it with a gradient and put it in the background of your portal row, with the button and text on top of it.  your button would then have a fill or gradient which normally hides the background gradient, but when it is selected the conditional format is set to remove the fill (make it transparent) and thus reveal the gradient behind it.  i'm sure other people have other methods or techniques as well... hope that is helpful!

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                 Hi John,

                 Thanks so much for the advice.. I will give it a go