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    Portal Row Size and Alternating Backgrounds



      Portal Row Size and Alternating Backgrounds


      I tried to increase the portal row size by dragging down the handles when selecting the portal but the when I do the data disappears in Browse mode.

      Also, when creating the portal I selected the alternating backgrounds checkbox and indeed the rows do that BUT the data (2 records) are together in the same row (even though one is on top of the other)...see screenshot


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          Any chance that the fields in your portal row are not transparent? If they're not transparent, they can cover up the alternating row color and that would look much like what you have here.

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            Yes that was the case. Thanks.

            Still I would like to get more space between the records in the portal list. I keep trying to make the rows bigger but then the data disappears?

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              Making the portal row bigger shouldn't make the data disappear. Perhaps you are resizing a field inside the portal instead of the portal which is right behind it. It can be tricky to select the right object sometimes.

              Resizing the portal row to make it taller can easily cause the portal to try to extend off the bottom of the layout part that it is on. Sometimes it's easier to set the portal to one row, resize the row to the way you want it, then respecify the number of rows to what fits on your layout. You can even place the portal row on your layout and not specify any fields for it until after the portal is positioned and sized to your liking. You can then use the field tool to add fields to the portal just like you would to the regular layout, just make sure that you select the portal's table from the drop down in the specify field dialog that will pop up. (The name in the drop down should be exactly the same as the name in Show Records from or from a table occurrence that is related to the same in Manage | Database | Relationships.)

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                I suspect that your fields are not within the top row of the portal but rather that you moved the portal down and not the fields.  The top is not alternating colors but the rest of the portal is so the data being displayed are not rows within the portal at all.  It is also possible that your portal, having been moved down is now outside the tab control borders.

                We need a screen shot while in layout mode and please include all of the tab control and at least 25 px below it.

                To resize a portal row, change the portal to displaying only one row.  Then when you grab one of the lower handles and drag down, it resizes the row.  Then reset the portal to number of rows ... keeping in mind that they must fit within the tab control.