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Portal Row Sort order problem

Question asked by MehrdadBastan on May 22, 2015
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Portal Row Sort order problem


Hi Again

I have Student Database that has 3 Tables, Students Info, Class & Signup and they are related to each other

STUDENT ID---< SignupID >---< ClassID

I have a portal on Student Tbl based on Signup Tbl which has the following fields

  • Class ID
  • Class Name
  • Class Night
  • Class time

I also made a report that tells me the name of all kids that are in each class sorted by Class Name  based on Signup table e.g.


John Smith

Jane Smith



Dave Smith

John Smith

Samantha Lee


I wanted to have the portal sort the classes alphabetically not by the order I put them in for each students, but when I sort the portal record the new data don't show up on the report?

What I am doing wrong?