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    Portal Row Sort order problem



      Portal Row Sort order problem


      Hi Again

      I have Student Database that has 3 Tables, Students Info, Class & Signup and they are related to each other

      STUDENT ID---< SignupID >---< ClassID

      I have a portal on Student Tbl based on Signup Tbl which has the following fields

      • Class ID
      • Class Name
      • Class Night
      • Class time

      I also made a report that tells me the name of all kids that are in each class sorted by Class Name  based on Signup table e.g.


      John Smith

      Jane Smith



      Dave Smith

      John Smith

      Samantha Lee


      I wanted to have the portal sort the classes alphabetically not by the order I put them in for each students, but when I sort the portal record the new data don't show up on the report?

      What I am doing wrong?


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          Are you trying to sort the portal or the report?

          Class Name is not a field that exists in SignUp so there should be no way sort a portal to signup by that field and if you did, it would have no affect on the order specified for your report as that is a different sort of sort (pun on purpose).

          To sort a portal, you'd need to pull the class name into a field in the signup table and the best way to do this in most cases is to add a calculation field that simply references the name of the class name field in Class. Then you can specify a portal sort order by referring to this calculation field (Make sure that calculation's result type is Text, not number.)

          If it's the report, then you need to include the class name field in the sort order of the sort (script step or manual operation) that sorts the records for your report.