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Portal rows and their data

Question asked by Dekade on Sep 30, 2012
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Portal rows and their data


I’m trying a different approach to explain my need.

     I have my main layout which is the ‘Compos’ table – original layout.

     I also have a ‘Topics’ table.

     In my 'Topics' table there are 4 fields.

     There are currently 5 records in the ‘Topics’ table.

     On the original layout I have placed a portal called ‘Topics’.

I want each row of the ‘Topics’ portal to represent one individual record and its 4 fields from the ‘Topics’ table.

     With 5 records currently in the 'Topics' table that means that 5 rows of data would be showing in the portal.

     In a week or two there may be 24 ‘Topics’ records.

     Then there would be 24 portal rows showing. etc. etc.

     Each time I manually create a new record in ‘Topics’ then another row of data would show up in the ‘Topics’ portal.

     How do I accomplished the above? That's all I want to be able to do for right now.


     P.S. - It is important to note that at the present time I will be manually creating each “Topics’ record.

     P.S.S. - Later on I will create a script for the task of creating a new ‘Topics’ record. I have absolutely no problem handling that chore.