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    portal rows total



      portal rows total


      I am trying to make my own genealogieprogramm, yes there are 100 very good ones and some are even for free.

      But still.

      I have these data;

      daddy and mommy have 4 children John, Clark, All, Ann.

      They have each a field with birtday.

      So in a portal ( after fixing the realations) i get that daddy and mommy have 4 children.

      Now I want to calculate the result from the portal row  birtday ( john) + birthday (clark) etc together.

      In realyty these date( fields)  are calculation to make a gedcom file .

      So how can I this

      in realyty i have about 200.000 moms and dad as data and 500.000 + children


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          In the layout table define a calculation field:


          Sum ( PortalTable::Birthday )


          or define a summary, total of Birthday, field in the portal table and place this field on your layout outside of the portal.

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            I will try to put it an other way 4 records


            name field     ( text)      = john  all      Ann     Clark

            calculation field( text) =  Blue  red  green  yellow

            so a summery  of the calculation field isn't working either sum

            the result shoud be

            Total (cal field)= Blue+red+green+yellow   ( the result for the gedcom file should be ( blue&red&green&yellow )




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              Tampilisan wrote:

              calculation field( text) =  Blue  red  green  yellow


              Substitute ( List ( ChildTable::ChildField ) ; ¶ ; " " )


              would give you that result. However, I don't think there is such thing in a GEDCOM file. And if you have a single Name field with all names of both parents, then you are in trouble.