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    Portal rows with years



      Portal rows with years


      I have a layout with 3 tabs "Publications" "Meetings" and "Dues"


      Each tab has a portal that is linked to my member information so that the screen will always show the member info but that I can tab to find the history on dues, publications ordered and meetings attended.  I would like the first column of each of these portals to contain the year and I want all portals to begin with 2009 and work back so that the history is displayed for each tab for the one member.


      So, on the first tab I would like it to show

      Year    HB 101   HB 102  HB 103

      2009    Yes       No      Yes

      2008    Yes       No      No


      The second tab would be

      Year    Annual Meeting    Interim Meeting

      2009       No                    Yes

      2008       Yes                    No


      The third tab would continue on

      Year    Dues Paid         Date Paid

      2009      Yes               04/17/2009

      2008      Yes               04/17/2008


      How do I get the year column to be consistent within each portal and amoung all portals created?



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          If you have a date field, you can format it to display only the year. You can also specify a portal's sort order to be descending by date which would place the records with the most recent dates at the top of the portal.


          This all hinges on what data you have available for the date and how you choose to store it. These are details that I don't see in your first post, so can only speculate in general terms about how you might accomplish what you want. It looks like you want year to match the "date paid" field on the third tab, but would like to know for sure. I'd also need to know how you have set up the relationships between your three tables.

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               I do not want the year fields to be edited, I want to have the text for the year to be there on each row of the portal when a new record is created.
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              You can keep the field from being edited, by using Field/Control | Behavior... to deny access when in browse mode. You can also define a calculation field:


              Year(datefield) to just return the date.


              This still leaves unanswered as to where the year you show in each portal comes from.