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Portal Scroll bar resets to top, will not stay on selected row...

Question asked by productionQC on May 7, 2014
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Portal Scroll bar resets to top, will not stay on selected row...


     I have seen plenty of comments about this but no real resolve.  I have a table called JobTracking X Jobtracking2 to show a list of jobs in a portal.  I have a simple button overlay on the portal row to allow the user to select it and have the the record appear to the right on the layout "Jobs".  The layout is based on JobTracking with a portal based on JobTracking2.  I simply used "Go To Related Record".  This obviously works no problem.  However, the scrollbar always goes back to the first row (top) no matter the settings.  I have no other scripts (such as OnEntry etc) that "commit records", nothing.  I have tried using a script with the same results.  I have made sure that "Reset Scroll Bar..." is un checked.  It has absolutely no bearing on the results!  The only resolve is to set a variable based on "get portal row number" and end the script with a return to that portal row, but it's far less than ideal.  

     Has anyone got any suggestions as to why this seems to be so complicated????  I simply want the selected portal row to remain highlighted and not move.  Thus, if searching multiple records, you click one, view it, then continue down the list from where you left off!