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Portal Seaches

Question asked by dg3321 on Feb 21, 2011
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Portal Seaches


I have a layout which is showing records from a portal.  I created this so i can see all entries in my portal since the original did not show everything when printing.

I want to search this new layout specifically by project title and then i want to see all portal entries for 2010.  When i create the search, it will only allow me to search the project title.  I apparently cannot search the portal records which are set up in this new layout with a merge field.

Simply put, the portal lists expenses for the project since it began (this can span a few years).  I want to see all expenses for 2010.  So it's not working in my new layout again which is showing records from the portal.  I can't even search the parent record where the portal resides.  When i enter find mode, and put "1/1/2010...12/31/2010" in the date field of the portal, it still is showing me entries from other years.

I'm assuming my new layout is the way to go in order to get the information i need but i don't know how to basically 'find project A' AND 'show me expenses only from 2010".

Thanks in advance for your help!