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      Portal Search




      I am trying to perform a search for a set of dates e.g.. ( from 01/09/09 to 30/09/09 ) and I am unable to find any records I have created. I have tried using certain operators.


      I am wondering if I am doing something wrong or if I need to Wright a script. Please could someone please point me in the correct direction.


      All help and suggestions would be extremely appreciated.


      Thanks and i hope that someone can help me ???

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          The operator you want is "..." (without the quotes).


          Do your search, in the field of interest, for:




          And that's assuming that FMP keeps dates as you do.

          You may want to also explore finding for


          9/1/09...9/30/09     but that's just a guess on my part...I don't know if field formatting of dates would extend into how a find is written...I would think it would, but never have had reason to try it out.

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            Hola, Ninja


            Thanks for getting back to me :)


            I have tried out your suggestion and it is not working I have also tried rebuilding the who database but still no look.


            Do you have any other suggestions?


            Would really appreciate it





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              Silly question time:


              Is the field set up as a Date field?

              Can you tell me anything about how data is put into this field? (User types it in, calculation, etc.

              At this point, I don't know much about what you're trying to do, or the build that you're trying to do it on...

              When you enter the date search in my post, what happens?  Does it simply say "No records match..."?

              What is the date formatting of this field, I'll try to replicate it.


              More info would be useful.


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                Hola, Ninja


                Sorry if i was a bit bland.


                1- Yes the field is set up as a Data Field


                2- Data is entered into this field by a pop down calender in the form of 01/09/09.


                3- I have created a booking form with Dates, names, locations ect. I need to bring up all the

                bookings from within a cirtain criteria of ( dates to and dates from ).


                4- Yes when i perform a find it displays the message "No records match..."


                5- all the fields in question are Date formats.

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                  OK, thanks.  Honestly it looks right to me, so let's try a basic test on this.


                  Create a new record in the database.

                  Fill in the date field using the dropdown calendar and select the date September 15, 2009.

                  This should populate your field with 15/9/09 if I'm not mistaken.  If this is not the case, please post.


                  Enter find mode via the drop down menus on top.

                  enter 1/9/09...30/9/09 with no spaces into that same field

                  hit the enter key (or the Find button on the toolbar)

                  From what you describe, you should get no matching results...but in actuality, you should get at least the record you just made.


                  If you get no matching record, do the same find, the same way, but search for:



                  Let me know what you find.

                  On the side, I'm wondering if you have a different language version and, if so, what tweaks were possibly made around the dates...I cannot format my dates as you have them (on FMP8 on WindowsXP-SP3).

                  If this is a possible cause, I trust that someone with familiarity with such an issue will join the thread.

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                    Date_Of        //Record Date

                    Start_Date   //Global

                    Stop_Date    //Global


                    Relationship name = Date_Search


                    Date_Search [Date_Of]  ≥  Main_Table Start_Date

                    Date_Search [Date_Of]  ≤  Main_Table Stop_Date







                    Next To Date_Search Portal Enter Start Date and Stop Date, All Records from start to stop dates will appear in portal.  



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                      Hola, Ninja


                      Thanks Loads i will get back A.S.A.P


                      :) thanks for shedding some light on the situation



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                        Thanks M8t you are an absolute star you have solved my problem :)


                        i cant thank you enough



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                          I was just wondering now that we have got over that hurdle.


                          Is there any way of intergrating into filemaker a calender view or posibly into a calender client like ( Microsoft Outlook 2007 ).


                          This world really boost the operating eficiancy of my system.