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    Portal Search



      Portal Search


           I have info store in a table and presented in a layout as a portal.

           The portal has 64 fields.

           In some instances not all of the info is required.

           I do a search of the portal to extract the info from it. I point the script to the 1st portal row.

           if the info is later on in the portal... ie if the 1st row is blank until 3 or 4 fields down then it does not find the info. if its all populated then it works fine.


           How do i solve that?

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               There's a lot you don't tell us about your design.

               Why would you have empty rows in your portal?

               Why are your searching your portal one row at a time?

               If you go to a layout based on the portal's table (so that you are not using a portal), you can enter find mode and perform a search of your portal table's records in that manner.

               There are also ways to use a portal filter to omit related records where the fields displayed in the portal are empty.