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Portal searched solved....

Question asked by synergy46 on Mar 13, 2009
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Portal searched solved....



I figured it out:  If you want to read the problem; read on.  The solution is below.  (I guess portals area for displaying data only and you can't Find in their contents)

I have 2 tables:







Event (text  drop-down list)



The Event and eventDate are on a portal and work well.

However, I need to search the Event field of the current Member, and if the string "-Dismissed" is found, to return the date of the event "-Dismissed".  


I have tried this eventTriggered script:

If [history::event="+Reinstatement (Dismissed)"]

   Set Variable[$$recordnum;]

   Enter Find Mode[]

   Set field [history::event;"-Dismissed"] // This does NOT appear to happen???

   Set field [; $$recordnum]

Perform Find[]

Set Variable [$$found_date;Value:history::datee]

set field [history::Notes; $$found_date & "  " & history::notes]  // add the 'dismissed' date to the notes field


If I run a manual search by putting "-Dismissed as a search field and I get all records in the portal ????




Apparently Portal records are 'read only'.  So, I had to create a separate layout with the necessary fields.  Then store the MemberID in a variable.  Find the MemberID and Event="-Dismissed".  This brings up the correct record.  Then set a varaible to the value of the date field.  Find again for the Event="+Reinstated (Dismissed)" and Member ID.  This brings up the record where I started.  Now I just SetField Notes with the value of datee & notes.   Done.