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      Portal Selector


      I have project records that has products listed via a portal on a tab. A second tab has a selector for each products artwork/designer related information. I am having trouble getting the designer field from the first tab into the second. I've attached my file, as I think it will make more sense once viewed.


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          To get your script to work correctly, here's what I did:

          Named the main portal on the Art Dept tab "ArtDeptPortal"

          Changed the New Script around to read the following (sorry, I'm typing out so I won't use FMP formatting):

          Set Variable $designer = Designers::Name

          Set Variable $line = Get ( ActivePortalRowNumber )

          Go to Object ["ArtDeptPortal"]

          Go to Portal line [select; no dialog ; $line ]

          Set field [Art Dept 2::DesignerName; $designer]

          Commit records

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            I was just looking at your file and I don't really understand what you are trying to do. 

            Your script can't possibly work.
            It's not even setting a a value in the Arts Dep portal.
            You also never answered my question about when this script is supposed to be performed.
            What do you do first? Do you create a line in the Products portal and does that then need to create a new line in the Art Dep Portal?
            Or do you create a line in the Art Dep portal?
            But if this is the case out of which line does the Art Director need to come?
            I really can't give you any correct suggestions if I don't know anything more about your file.