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    Portal Set up Help



      Portal Set up Help


           Hello.  I have a PO/Client/Product database that i use for order entry.

           right now i have 17 lines on my PO to be able to enter 17 different items into each po.  these are non repeating (StyleName1, StyleName2...)  I used to have it repeating but i couldnt export repeating fields so restructured it.

           I was able to create a portal in my CLIENTS section of the DB to show all the POs that specific client has ordered. 

           However, i am having trouble setting up a portal in my PRODUCT section where i would like to view a style (lets call it STYLEA) and see all the times that style has been ordered (including PO#, Date, S, M, L, XL, XXL, Total Units)

           Can someone assist me here?

           thank you so much!

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                    these are non repeating (StyleName1, StyleName2...)

               You'll need to change that first. You need to replace it with a related table of line items so you can use yet another portal on your PO layout where each row is an item ordered on that PO.

               Then you have the needed data in a format where a portal can list either the PO's or the LineItems where that product was ordered.


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                 thanks for the reply.

                 im still a little confused as i set up a PO with repeating fields, linked it to the product so entering in the product name all the product in pops up as it should.  but i am having a challenge getting that info to pop up in a portal in the PRODUCT section of the database.

                 ideally it would be great to be able to go to the PRODUCT section and look up STYLEA and there will be a portal showing all the times it has been ordered.

                 any chance you can dumb it down for me a little?

                 thank you in advanced!

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                   Instead of repeating fields, you need a table of related records. You can find working examples of this in the Invoices and Purchase Order starter solutions that come with FileMaker 11, 12 and 13.

                   Each repetition of the repeating field or group of repeating fields is replaced with a single record in the related table. A portal to this related table enables you to work with multiple "line items" for a single PO.

                   And there is a built in tool in FileMaker that dates all the way back to FileMaker 3 that still enables you to take the data in repeating fields and use import records to copy that data into a new table with each repetition producing a new separate record in the new table--making it very easy to take existing data in repeating fields and move them into a new table with no repeating fields.

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                     sounds like a complete overhaul is needed here.  :(

                     ok thank you very much.  ill play around and see what i can come up with.