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    Portal setup



      Portal setup


      I would appreciate some help with related tables and portal setup...

      1) I have 2 files: (1) people and (2) documents

      2) I would like all document records related to a partiular person to be shown in a portal in the persons record, the records are related by an ID

      3) When I try to setup a portal the 'show related records from' part doesn't show the related table I have set-up.

      When I go to manage database there is a relationship graph showing the relationship 'people' to 'documents' linking the ID

      Please help, what am I doing wrong?

      (I have set-up the new file 'documents' as this will potentialy get quite large so I want it seperate from the main 'people' file.)

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          Might a document need to be linked to more than one People record? If so, you need an additional table and more complex relationships than this.

          If the table does not appear in "Show related records from", then it is not related to the table occurrence specified for the current layout.

          You'll need to check two things:

          1) Enter layout mode and open layout setup for this layout. Note the exact name given in "Show records from".

          2) Open manage | Database | Relaitonships and find the "box" with this exact name. (People, I would assume). Then find the box for documents. If documents is not appearing in the Show Related Records From drop down, then either this "box" (called a table occurrence) has a different name or it is not linked to the occurrence (box) specified in Layout setup in the Show Records from drop down.